High-Ticket Ecommerce Brand

Services Utilized

Core Unlimited, PPC Ad Management, Web Design, Graphic Design, Marketing Advisor

Symposia worked with Almost Heaven Saunas, an ecommerce business with a significant direct-to-consumer segment. Despite a strong history of quality products and satisfied customers, the brand aimed to expand its market share nationwide.


Prior to our collaboration, Almost Heaven Saunas encountered challenges such as inconsistent sales growth, disjointed digital marketing efforts resulting in low ROI, an ineffective website user experience funnel, and the absence of a cohesive marketing strategy. These factors contributed to stagnant sales and ineffective allocation of advertising budgets.


  • Conducted thorough marketing assessment of Almost Heaven Sauna's online presence and customer behavior
  • Developed targeted marketing strategy to maximize ROI
  • Meticulous PPC ad management for precise ad placements tailored to high converting audiences
  • Revamped website with sleek, user-friendly design to guide customers through the purchase funnel
  • Utilized graphic design expertise to create visually appealing assets driving engagement and sales


Before collaborating with our agency, Almost Heaven Saunas faced challenges. As an online platform, they struggled to achieve consistent sales growth. Their digital marketing efforts were disjointed, resulting in inefficient ad placements and low return on investment. They also lacked a web design that effectively showcased their products and streamlined purchasing. They struggled to attract and retain the right audience without a clear marketing strategy, leading to stagnant sales and underutilized advertising budgets.

The Solution

New Targeted Marketing Strategy

Data-Driven Approach: We identified marketing and digital transformation goals for Almost Heaven Saunas. After analyzing their online presence and customer behavior, we developed a marketing strategy to maximize ROI. We managed PPC campaigns to ensure precise ad placements and optimized reach and conversion rates.

Focused Points Of Entry


  • PPC Strategy: Formulated a PPC strategy combining customer knowledge, data analytics, and previous campaign insights to determine effective channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Google.
  • Audience Building: Developed custom audiences for each marketing channel using existing user demographics, website data, and collaboration with Almost Heaven Saunas' customer knowledge and personas.
  • ROAS Based Targeting: Implemented Facebook ads targeting users likely to generate a specific return on ad spend.
  • Lookalike Audiences: Created audiences similar to existing users based on specific website actions or Facebook page engagement.
  • Engagement Targeting: Targeted users regularly engaged with Almost Heaven Saunas' Facebook page.
  • Custom Interests: Utilized key interests identified from website and demographic data.
  • Remarketing: Served ads to users who added products to their cart, initiated checkout, or provided payment information.
  • User Search Insights: Analyzed user behavior including searches, website visits, clicks on product categories, and engagement with Facebook ads and pages.
  • Utilization of Marketing Tools: Leveraged various marketing tools including ROAS based targeting, remarketing, lookalike audiences, engagement targeting, and custom interests to optimize campaign effectiveness.

Complete Website Overhaul

Simultaneously, we revamped their website with a sleek and user-friendly design, improving navigation and enhancing the overall shopping experience. Our graphic design expertise was utilized to create visually appealing assets that resonated with the target audience, driving engagement and sales.

New User Experience (UX)
Conversion Focused Product Page + New Mega Menu for easy navigation

The Result

The results were transformative for Almost Heaven Saunas, yielding a 26-fold increase in sales relative to ad spending. We enhanced sales performance beyond periodic spikes through detailed analysis of traffic patterns and strategic adjustments to digital campaigns. Our precise ad placements targeted the appropriate audiences at optimal times, enhancing conversion chances. The redesigned website improved user experience and built customer trust, which in turn raised conversion rates. Overall, our comprehensive approach to PPC management, web design, and marketing strategy elevated Almost Heaven Saunas to new success levels in the competitive online market.

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