10% off Hubspot for 6 months + $1,000 Off Onboarding*

That's right! Symposia will cover 10% of your monthly subscription cost for your first 6 months with Hubspot. We also are currently offering Hubspot onboarding for $2000.

Hubspot requires a $3,000 "Onboarding Fee" when signing up for a Professional Suite account.

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Certified Hubspot Partner

Less friction. More Growth.

We are proud to partner with the #1 CRM solution for scaling brands, Hubspot. Compared to Salesforce and other competitors, we've found it to be the most intuitive and simple to use platform. When properly configured, it's a game changer.

The CRM platform from HubSpot provides all the features and integrations you want for content management, sales, marketing, and customer service.


The #1 CRM solution for scaling brands

100% Integration
Saves money
Extremely User Friendly
Flexible Features
Why Hubspot

Easy to align

Break communication barriers between sales and marketing. Gain actionable insights from customers’ online behavior, create efficiencies within your workflows, and seamlessly follow-up to convert leads.  

Hubspot allows you to fully quantify results and identify gaps in your sales and marketing funnel.  Simply put, your sales and marketing teams will always be on the same page thanks to HubSpot's synchronous communication throughout the entire customer experience.

Why Hubspot

Easy to adopt

Not only is the interface well organized and easy to navigate but it is also incredibly simple to create with. Allowing more time and resources to be spent on strategy and less on development.

Many other CRMs, such as Salesforce, require very specific technical expertise. With Hubspot content creation such as landing pages, forms, and emails is as simple as it gets. Automations and other workflows, same.

No hard coding required.

Why Hubspot

Easy to adapt

No matter what your tech stack consists of, Hubspot provides ultimate integration capabilities to create a truly seamless customer experience.

Build an entirely inclusive tech stack and pull together all your applications to a single platform. And, we are here to help.

The Result?

An integrated solution for today’s customer journey, and a Symposia team ready to help you make it happen.